Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI) specializes in supplying manufactured to print assemblies and components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our products include assemblies, castings, stampings, machined parts, gears, bearings and more. Our services include product engineering, manufacturing, inventory management and stocking programs — services designed to streamline your operations and increase your profitability. We design the most effective, highest quality solutions from anywhere in the world to meet your needs.
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  • Robotic and Manual Welding
  • Fastener Based Construction
  • Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Adhesive Bonding
  th_stockingStocking Programs
  • JIT / Kanban
  • Consignment Warehouses in India, China and the U.S.
  th_heat2Heat Treating
  • Normalizing
  • Quenching
  • Annealing and Tempering
  th_standard3Standard Products
  • Rollers
  • Ball Transfers
  • Hardware
  • Ball and Roller Bearings
  • Bushings


  • Plain Bearings
  • Rod Ends
  • Ball Joints
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Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI) Committed to Excellence

The Roboshot S2000i 110B molding machine installed at MMI.MMI finds solution to a client’s challenging project requirements.
The Roboshot S2000i 110B molding machine installed at MMI. When Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI) CEO Jacob Prak learned that one of the company’s clients had a project with a combination of special conditions that had to be met, he carefully considered the details and the possible solutions…

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